Free Speech is DeadFree speech is a thing of the past. No longer can you voice your opinion without fear of being ridiculed, fired from your job, or worse yet, beaten or even killed. All because you believe something different than those around you.

Many people who claim to support the freedom of expression regularly turn on and suppress the views of others.

Tom Zirpoli wrote a column on June 3rd called, “White America must stand for black justice.” Zirpoli wrote, “Until white people demand that white people be held accountable for their inappropriate behavior, inappropriate behavior by the police will continue to be a black issue.”

Free speech. I’m not a fan of the article or the way he thinks, but I accept it as his freedom of speech.

There is some truth to what Zirpoli wrote. However, why not call on people of ALL races to be held accountable for their inappropriate behavior? We need to stop placing a blanket on our problems.

If a police officer murders an unarmed individual, all of sudden, all cops are bad. If that were the case, we could say that about every race, every profession, every athlete, movie star, etc.

The only speech allowed at the moment is that of black America. If you even think about saying something against Black Lives Matter, you’re subject to demonizing thugs who believe you to be a racist pig.

Frankly, I don’t give a crap. I’m here to say that I believe the Black Lives Matter movement may have started with great intentions but has since become the angel of social destruction. A brainwashed crowd of mostly younger people believe they have too much white privilege. Go figure.

If one of these kids with too much white privilege was offered a job making $275,000 a year after working in the fast-food industry, do you honestly think they wouldn’t take the job? Hey, just expressing my freedom of speech. Hope you’re not angry.

Grant Napear was fired by his radio station and resigned as the Sacramento Kings TV play-by-play announcer after his tweet that said “All Lives Matter” amid the George Floyd protests was met with backlash.

Napear, a graduate of Syosset High School on Long Island, tweeted “All Lives Matter…Every Single One!” on Sunday after former Kings star DeMarcus Cousins asked the 60-year-old for his view on the Black Lives Matter movement.

The phrase, “All Lives Matter,” is seen by many as mocking the Black Lives Matter movement, which began in 2013. Apparently, they believe everyone who says “All Lives Matter” is mocking them and don’t actually believe that all lives truly matter.

In an apology posted by the Sacramento Bee, Napear said he was “not as educated on BLM as I thought. I had no idea that when I said ‘All Lives Matter’ that it was counter to what BLM is trying to get across.”

So where is his freedom of speech? Here is a man who was asked a question. He answered and was fired for it. He had been the Kings announcer since 1988.

Say something politically incorrect and you’re out! If more than a couple of complaints come in, you could be headed straight for the doghouse.