MRI MachineI’ll be the first to admit that being scared is more anticipation of the unknown.

My wife and I showed up at 1:15 PM to get the process started for the tests that had been ordered.

It looks like I’m going to get a PET scan, an MRI and CT scan. The MRI is specifically to look at my brain.

My daughter, Brittany, was able to get away from work for a couple of hours. At least you got to keep my wife company for a bit.

The brain MRI was probably the longest one. It seemed to take between 20 and 30 minutes. The technician told me that around halfway through the testing, she was going to inject some sort of dye into the tube coming out of my arm. She explained that she would stop and let me know when she was about to inject it. I told her that she didn’t really have to announce that she was going to do it as she was doing it. I explained that sometimes I’m better off not knowing what’s happening.

She never said a word and I never felt a thing.

I had earplugs in as well as the headphones they gave me. I got to listen to some Christian music through Pandora.

They put this thing on that truly gave me a sense of what Darth Vader must feel like. It would become apparent during the MRI that they could hear me making breathing noises similar to what Darth Vader made.

Honestly, the hardest part was trying not to cough. I hadn’t had any cough medicine or cough drops since 8:30 in the morning. She said I did pretty good. She only had to retake one of the images.

The last two tests were pretty much done together. They were taken with the same machine and I never had to get up. Before I took the last two tests, I had to drink some type of radioactive material. Then I had to sit in a room for an hour doing nothing. The tests only took about 15 minutes, he wasn’t that bad.

I do feel like I had a reaction to the dye that was put in my body for the CT scan. I didn’t really feel anything going into my body the last Saturday when I had a CT scan. This time was completely different. It’s almost as if she put it in too quickly or something.

Denise and I ended up leaving around 4:30 PM. I was just glad to have everything done. Now I just need to wait until Tuesday at 3:00 PM to get the results.