Bella Vista Flooding

The Bella Vista flooding is probably the worst we've seen in almost a decade. We've seen Bella Vista Flooding before, but this time it seemed to go further up the hills, farther in its reach and cause more devastation than ever before. This time I decided to head outside in the rain and capture the best aerial photography I could get. I knew that Bella

Bella Vista Flooding2020-10-16T10:14:11-05:00

Hannah’s Senior Pictures

Taking Senior Pictures of Hannah was an extreme blast! Knowing her for many years, I think we've managed to capture her personality in a few amazing photographs. She's an  extremely funny lady with lots to talk about. Now... Keeping her eyes open, that was the hardest part of taking her Senior Pictures. She has impeccable timing! We met Hannah for her first set of Senior

Hannah’s Senior Pictures2020-10-16T10:14:06-05:00


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