Model Photography – Little Red Riding Hood

One of the most fun model photography shoots I've had in a while was once again complimented with talented make-up artist, Misty. While she's a very talented make-up artist, I believe getting her in front of the camera shows just what a talented model she could be. When it comes to model photography, I believe you're only limited by your imagination. During this particular model photography

Model Photography – Little Red Riding Hood2020-10-16T10:14:10-05:00

Model Photography – Misty

My latest model photography shoot was complimented with a talented make-up artist. She's a make-up artist that wanted to know what it was like to be in front of the camera for a change. Little did she realize just how much the camera loved her until she stepped into the spotlight. Not only would you call on Misty for her artistry skills in making other

Model Photography – Misty2020-10-16T10:14:07-05:00


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