Pea Ridge High School Prom

It's that time of year again. The Pea Ridge High School Prom took place last Saturday evening and I was happy to be included with a small part to play. I stood at the door for most of the evening taking pictures of the students as they walked in. I attempted to get a few pictures on the inside once prom had officially started, but

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Just Before Prom

One of the biggest events of the year for High School students is Prom. It's all about the dress! My beautiful models were no exception and I can honestly say, their dresses matched their personalities perfectly. It took my oldest daughter, Amber, more than 2 months to find the perfect dress. When she first started looking, prom dresses were just being shipped to the stores.  She didn't

Just Before Prom2020-10-16T10:14:08-05:00


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