Old Building Photography – Picher, Oklahoma

They say Picher, Oklahoma is nothing more than a ghost town. Having heard from one of my old building photography friends that it was a historic place to photograph, I was curious. So a friend and I planned a trip to see what the fuss was all about. The major theme is that Picher, Oklahoma is completely abandoned. At least that's what I was told. I did not find that

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Model Photography – Alixandra 2

Our latest model photography with Alix was planned well in advance. Our photo shoot started in an old abandoned church in West Fork, Arkansas.  Having been abandoned for nearly 30 years, the church was the perfect place to shoot a few "dark" photographs. The first few pictures of Alix were with a mask and dress. Meant to be "dark", the church was the perfect setting. It was

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The Gateway House

I love to photograph old buildings. When I travel around the country, it's hard not stop every few miles because of some rustic looking home or building. "The Gateway House", as I call it, was one such building. Oddly enough, it's located in Gateway, Arkansas (Hence the name) on the way to Eureka Springs. I don't know much about the house other than the fact

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Rustic Building – Moselle, Missouri

To capture a rustic building, it's important to capture what you see and how you see it. After all, you took a second look at a specific rustic building because you saw something that, in your opinion, was absolutely beautiful! When I see a rustic building I like, you can be certain it probably has something to do with the wood. I love wood. There

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