Cancer Treatments Begin

It looks like my plan of action is to do chemotherapy on Mondays and radiation Monday through Friday. Since I'm not familiar with chemotherapy or radiation, I had to do a little research on Google to find out what it all means. Chemoradiotherapy means having chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment together. Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. The drugs circulate throughout the body in

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Official Cancer Diagnosis

Denise and I decided to take a drive to St. Louis on Friday to check on our guys. The guys have been doing an awesome job, but we needed to get out of the house for a while. Our plan was to leave Sunday morning, but we decided to leave Saturday since there really wasn't much to do. Denise and I were eating at Jack

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Lung Biopsy (EBUS)

Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) imaging is commonly used to evaluate and aid in the biopsy of mediastinal lymph nodes. I have no clue what that first sentence means, but in my case, it means they went down my throat in order to biopsy amass that was found in my chest. Once they completed the PET/CT scans, they found two separate masses in my lungs. One of

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Test Results

This is really what I've been dreading more than anything. They have you complete a bunch of tests, and then someone is responsible for giving you the results. In my case, I actually met with three oncologists. The first two are what they call diagnostic oncologists.  He (The other oncologist didn't really say much) was super, super nice! In a nutshell, he agrees that I

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Breathing Test

I had a scheduled doctor's appointment with the oncologist on Tuesday. I got a call on Monday asking if it would be possible for me to go down to Fayetteville, Arkansas to perform a breathing test. Denise and I have been hanging out doing pretty much nothing, so we got ready and drove down to Fayetteville. The breathing test itself wasn't horrible, but it does

Breathing Test2023-07-26T08:13:12-05:00

Testing Day

Today, I'm getting an MRI of my brain, a PET scan, and a CT scan. I hate it, but it has to be done so they can see what's wrong with me.

Testing Day2023-07-23T08:38:54-05:00

Cancer Diagnosis

A new diagnosis. A new journey begins. While the odds are definitely not in my favor, I plan to fight like hell with God and my family by my side!

Cancer Diagnosis2023-07-23T08:39:06-05:00


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