Model Photography - Little Red Riding HoodDon’t trust your model photography to friends and family if you’re serious about furthering your career as a model. While friends and family will give you the best discount on your model photography, you may not be taken seriously by those who matter in the industry.

Have a look at my modeling gallery and see my creative styles. As a photographer in Northwest Arkansas, I believe we have some of the most beautiful areas for model photography sessions.

It’s important to have high-quality, professional portraits to show potential modeling agencies. You only have one opportunity to produce a professional portrait portfolio that will make the kind of impression you need it to.

As a portrait photographer or model photographer, I can help bring out your true beauty in a way that’s flattering to you. My objective is to help you show your potential clients a unique look that belongs to you and you alone. I can do that in several different ways. I’ve worked with several models in Northwest Arkansas.

I should probably let anyone reading this know right from the start, I do not shoot nude photographs. I do, however, shoot models in swimsuits, but that’s about as skimpy as I get with the clothing. Playboy magazine isn’t going to be calling me anytime soon.

Modeling in front of the camera should be comfortable to you. If you’re not comfortable in front of your photographer, your pictures will be less than unique. I’ve been able to make every model I work with feel as if they were my long lost friend. That’s the way it should be. Your photographer should only have one goal in mind, and that’s to make every photograph taken the best possible photograph available!

My work has been published both online and in print. With a quality modeling portfolio ready for print, you’ll be able to submit your photographs to the top modeling agencies in the United States, magnifying your chances of success. My model photography can help your modeling portfolio by leaps and bounds.

Do I edit my photographs? Absolutely! Nobody is perfect. We all have our flaws and when it comes to taking the perfect portrait, it very seldom happens. The occasional pimple that didn’t go away before the photo shoot disappears, the dog that wasn’t supposed to be in the background disappears, etc. I darken backgrounds, brighten faces, soften skin, etc. These are normal practices and aren’t unethical in any way. If I photoshopped someone to look 40 pounds lighter, that would be wrong. I don’t do that.

Let me help you capture your best side with my model photography in a way that’s personal. A way that captures the heart and soul of who you are and what you have to offer. Combined with my unique style of modeling, together we can create something magical.

Why Choose Jimmy For Your Model Photography?

  • Awesome locations around Northwest Arkansas
  • Great reputation for taking beautiful photographs
  • Great with detail. Model photography demands nothing less.
  • My equipment is the best in the industry
  • Extremely unique style
  • Flexible schedule
  • Quick turnaround
  • I continue to increase my education
  • Member of NYIP Magazine
  • Extremely creative

When you’re ready for a model photographer, be sure to give me a call.

I have several guides that will help in your modeling career, including the best times to photograph, the best places to photograph and more, so be sure to browse my site, tell your friends and family and by all means, please feel free to share on your social networks.

Jimmy is a photographer in Northwest Arkansas. Jimmy Harmon is an award winning, published photographer, videographer and photojournalist using professional Sony photography equipment. From Senior Portraits and real estate photography to wedding photography, sports photography and model photography, contact Jimmy Harmon for your professional photography needs.

Jimmy is available to travel anywhere within the United States. You can follow all the latest and get updates from Jimmy on Facebook.