Portrait Photography - DaniPortrait photography, or portraiture, is one of those unique types of photography. There are so many things you can do with portrait photography and so many ways it can be accomplished. It’s not only fun for me, but it’s fun for the models involved.

Since people come in all different sizes, shapes and colors, it’s easy for just about anyone to love taking portraits. Having two extremely beautiful daughters who just so happen to love being photographed gives me a chance to perfect my craft.

Here are my latest portrait photography shoots. Most of my portrait shots are planned well in advance of the shoot, but a few of them were shot with little to no warning at all. Be sure to like our page on Facebook and stay up to date with my latest projects.

When you’re ready to have your portrait taken, be sure to give me a call.

Portrait Photography

  • Pea Ridge High School Prom
    Pea Ridge High School Prom
    It’s that time of year again. The Pea Ridge High School Prom took place last Saturday evening and I was happy to be included with a small part to play. I stood at the door for most of the evening taking pictures of the students as they...
  • Just Before Prom
    Just Before Prom
    One of the biggest events of the year for High School students is Prom. It’s all about the dress! My beautiful models were no exception and I can honestly say, their dresses matched their personalities perfectly. It took my oldest daughter, Amber, more than 2 months to find the...
  • Portrait Photography - Brittany and Dani
    Portrait Photography – Brittany and Dani
    Portrait photography is another favorite of mine. Brittany not only makes for a beautiful subject in the eye of the camera, she just so happens to be my daughter. Brittany is the main reason I got into photography in the first place. When Brittany is in full...