Old Building PhotographyOld building photography is catching on more now than ever. I’ve always been a huge fan of old buildings, old barns and old homes. There’s something magical about seeing an old building that’s been sitting for decades.

Even though some of them are about to fall apart, there’s a warm feeling that reminds me of old time past.

Be sure to check back often. I’ve always got my camera, so there’s no telling when I’ll find a beautiful old building.

Here are some of my most recent adventures in old building photography. Please share these images with your friends and family.

Old Building Photography

  • Old Building Photography - Picher Oklahoma
    Old Building Photography – Picher, Oklahoma
    They say Picher, Oklahoma is nothing more than a ghost town. Having heard from one of my old building photography friends that it was a historic place to photograph, I was curious. So...
  • The Gateway House
    The Gateway House
    I love to photograph old buildings. When I travel around the country, it’s hard not stop every few miles because of some rustic looking home or building. “The Gateway House“, as I...
  • Rustic Building - Moselle, Missouri
    Rustic Building – Moselle, Missouri
    To capture a rustic building, it’s important to capture what you see and how you see it. After all, you took a second look at a specific rustic building because you saw...
  • Old Building Photography - Mayfield, Arkansas
    Old Building Photography – Mayfield, Arkansas
    I don’t know the story behind this particular old building from Mayfield, Arkansas, but I do know that it made for some beautiful photography. Stores like this were once thriving pieces of the community....