Pam Tillis ConcertThe Pam Tillis concert in Tontitown, Arkansas was a blast! The 58 year old singer performed many of her top singles to a crowd at the Tontitown Grape Festival. Hundreds of spectators cheered her on as she belted out songs with the same enthusiasm as she does in the recording studio. A rare occurrence these days.

Tillis even sang one of her fathers songs in tribute to his 83rd birthday.

Opening for Pam Tillis was the beautiful and talented Taylor Edwards of Bentonville, Arkansas.

The only sour note of the evening came when the singer started having trouble breathing because of smoke from one of the vending carts. The wind was blowing directly to the stage where Tillis and her band were playing. Tillis asked, in the sweetest way possible, to see if something could be done.

At one point, she took a couple minutes off stage to see if she could breathe a little better. The extremely talented Mary Sue Englund performed one of her own smash hits. After her return, she performed without missing a beat!

The smoke eventually died down, but not completely. The staff eventually placed a fan in front of the singer in hopes that it would help detour the smoke.

Overall, Pam Till remains one of my favorite musicians. She’s sweet, talented and beautiful to boot! The thing that impresses me the most with her is that she sounds the exact same in concert as she sounds on the radio. She’s the real deal. If you have yet to see a Pam Tillis concert, it’s well worth it.

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