Old BuildingI don’t know the story behind this particular old building from Mayfield, Arkansas, but I do know that it made for some beautiful photography. Stores like this were once thriving pieces of the community. Since prices couldn’t compete with the big box stores, they simply closed up and left for higher ground.

I decided to take several shots of the old building in hopes of capturing the best natural light possible.

I love taking photographs of wooden buildings, but sometimes it looks more like a “blah” structure instead of the beautiful old building I’m seeing with my own eyes. This particular old building has a great sign at the top of it with just the right amount of red coloring from the Coke signs.

It may be interesting for me to go back when the sun goes down and add my special blend of lighting. You might be surprised at what lighting can do for an old building such as this one.

Please feel free to share my photographs of the old building with your family and friends.

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