Official Cancer DiagnosisDenise and I decided to take a drive to St. Louis on Friday to check on our guys. The guys have been doing an awesome job, but we needed to get out of the house for a while. Our plan was to leave Sunday morning, but we decided to leave Saturday since there really wasn’t much to do.

Denise and I were eating at Jack in the Box in Wentzville, Missouri when I got a call from my doctor. Dr. Moseley.

It looks like I have stage 3 Adenocarcinoma cancer. The doctor seemed very optimistic still. We see the oncologist on Tuesday and said the treatment will start pretty quickly. It’s not the fast-growing kind which is good.

My doctor tells me that if someone were to get lung cancer, this is the type you would want to have. He said it’s extremely treatable.

He tells me he hates to put it in that perspective, but he just wanted me to know that there is hope at the end of this tunnel!

While it’s not what I wanted to hear, I can’t say the thought wasn’t looming in the back of my mind. I’m pretty sure that helped soften the blow.

As I was saying earlier, I have an appointment to see my oncologist on Tuesday. According to Dr. Moseley, the treatment will most likely start rather quickly.

I’ll have to wait until Tuesday to know for sure, but Dr. Mosley seems to think I could have either chemo or radiation treatments. Or a combination of both.

No matter what happens, I have a tremendous amount of faith! When I look down at the sand, I’m sure I’ll be seeing one set of footprints for a while!

God has my back.