Model Photography - Nicki-49Here’s my latest model photography shoot with a great model, Nicki. She’s been living in the Northwest Arkansas area for as long as I can remember and she’s growing up to be a beautiful young woman.

This particular model photography session was taken at the Promenade Mall in Rogers, Arkansas.

The idea behind this was the desire to create the bokeh effect during the model photography shoot. In order to get the bokeh effect I was looking for, I used a 1.4 aperture on both my Sony Zeiss 55, 1.8 and my Sony G Master 85, 1.4 lenses. Shooting wide open at 1.4 and 1.8 gave me the exact look I was going for.

The Promenade Mall has a massive amount of string lights hanging in all different directions. They have lights on trees and they even have lights in their water fountains. As you can see from the model photography below, the fountains created a beautiful effect.

This particular type of model photography has its own set of unique challenges. I don’t really care for flash photography on my camera, so I usually use an off-camera flash system or even use my Roto lights. The darker it gets, the more of a challenge you’ll have. I find that shooting model photography a couple of stops below level allows me to bring up the perfect amount of light in Lightroom.

I don’t use Photoshop when editing model photography. What you see with my models is the way they really are. Lightroom only adds color, brings out light and removes the occasional skin blemish.

This was the first time Nicki took on the role as model. I, for one, think she did an excellent job.

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