Model PhotographyMisty not only helps me with my model photography, she also happens to be one of the best make-up artists in the state! Of course, she used to live a little closer to Northwest Arkansas, but now she’s living in Omaha, Nebraska.

This was a fun model photography session with Misty. It wasn’t as cold outside as it was when I shot with Alix a couple of months ago, so that allowed us to take a little more time.

On the streets in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, we came up with a few ideas that we felt could best describe Misty. She’s a character by the way!

Bentonville is an awesome place to take pictures if you’re into model photography like I am. In front of the courthouse or in an alley, it has some really nice character. The water feature in the middle of the square is also a really good place to take pictures of a model.

Misty is a beautiful model and she’s extremely talented. Although she likes to get in front of the camera, her real talent is helping others who wish to get in front of the camera.

If you would like more information on Misty and what she can do, please feel free to visit her Facebook Page. Drop a comment and let her know you like her work. If you live in Nebraska or Iowa, I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to render her services.

This particular model photography shoot took place in Bentonville, Arkansas. As much as I’ve traveled the world taking photographs, there’s one thing I know for certain… No matter where you are in the world, not matter what kind of camera you’re using, if you have a beautifully talented model like Misty, you simply can’t go wrong! Yes, I say that about other models too, but it’s true!

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