Our latest model photography with Alix was planned well in advance. Our photo shoot started in an old abandoned church in West Fork, Arkansas.  Having been abandoned for nearly 30 years, the church was the perfect place to shoot a few “dark” photographs.

The first few pictures of Alix were with a mask and dress. Meant to be “dark”, the church was the perfect setting. It was about 10 degrees colder in the church than it was outside, but we managed to get some really great shots.

After shooting in the church, we moved things outside to the swing where Alix had fun just loosening up a little. Model photography wouldn’t be complete without a model on a swing, right? It was a little nippy outside, so we had to make sure she warmed herself up every few minutes.

The model photography shots you see where Alix is in the woods… That was Alix being her crazy self. She tempted fate and headed out on an old tree that was bent over the water. While it turned out great, I had to video the ordeal just in case she fell in the water! Don’t worry, we had plenty of people on hand to help her if she had fallen in. Just goes to show that models and photographers alike will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot!

She’s not only a beautiful model, but she’s extremely talented. She knows just when to change positions and after each camera shutter, she either makes a different pose or awaits instructions. Even when she was obviously freezing, she was as steady as a rock.

Alix is a true professional when it comes to model photography. As always, we came up with some pretty cool ideas for future photo shoots, so I’m quite sure you’ll be seeing more of this young lady in the future.

If you’re interested in hiring Alixandra for future work, please be sure to contact me at any time and I’ll make sure she gets your contact information.

This particular model photography shoot took place in West Fork, Arkansas. As much as I’ve traveled the world taking photographs, there’s one thing I know for certain… No matter where you are in the world, not matter what kind of camera you’re using, if you have a beautifully talented model like Alix, you simply can’t go wrong!

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