Hindsville Search and RescueAs a first responder, I have the unfortunate responsibility to see things I wish I didn’t have to see. Yesterday was one such occasion. It was the Search and Rescue efforts for 18-month-old Krystal Wiggins and her brother, 4-year-old Damien Wiggins near the Hindsville, Arkansas area.

The driver, a 38-year-old woman, contacted 911 after they became stranded in high water in the Hindsville area after water swept their vehicle off the roadway and over a low water bridge. She was advised to unbuckle her children by the 911 operator. She was told that a swift water rescue team was en route. By the time the team arrived the mother had been swept out of the vehicle.

A short while after we arrived on Monday afternoon, we were told that Damien’s body had been located, but the search continued for Krystal. At one point, a helicopter was called in to search an area of the creek that was harder to get to.

We used our drone as much as possible, but the area was so heavily wooded in some areas that we felt our search and rescue efforts would be better served by walking in and around Glade Creek. Property owners were more than happy to allow searchers access to their property.

I came across several clothing items that unmistakably belonged to the children.

The pictures below are from the Search and Rescue teams that were starting a new search down the river. It was nice to see the search and rescue K9 dogs in action. Once they started, they didn’t stop until they were finally called off by their owners.

While we were unable to go back the following day, our thoughts and prayers are with those are continuing to search as well as with the family.

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