From Canon to SonyA photographer loves his or her camera. It’s treated like a family member. Going from Canon to Sony was not only a huge investment, but it was an extremely difficult decision to make. Luckily for me, a friend of mine who lives across the country had recently made the switch from Canon to Sony as well.

I had a great point of reference. We spent hours on the phone trying to understand the differences. DSLR vs Mirrorless. It was hard for me to grasp, but he helped me through it. Going from Canon to Sony was huge for me.

People have been telling me for years the number of pixels in a camera simply doesn’t matter. I’ve been told it’s the photographer and not the camera. I’ve also heard people say that a professional camera should be purchased based on what it’s going to be used for. Are you a wedding photographer? You should be using the Canon 5D Mark III. Now it’s the Canon 5D Mark IV. If you’re into sports photography, you should be using the Nikon D810. It goes on and on.

My friend does a wide variety of photography in North Carolina. Even though I’m a photographer from Northwest Arkansas, we share many of the same desires when it comes to the type of camera we need.

If you follow my Facebook page at all or even view the gallery here on my site, you’ll notice one thing in particular. I photograph an extremely wide variety of subjects. Yes, I have my favorite subjects, but as a photographer, I love taking pictures of just about anything!

From Canon to Sony – The Selling Points

  • Flip LCD Screen with live view – It’s just something I loved about the camera.
  • Mega Megapixels – The Sony A7R2 is 42 megapixels of fun.
  • Size and weight – Sony is much smaller and it’s very light.
  • WiFI photo transfer to smartphone – In about 30 seconds or so I can post an image from my Sony camera to Facebook.
  • Remote shooting – Live View using a smartphone. I’ve set up my camera to photograph birds and other animals this way.
  • Better dynamic range – I’ve been able to capture some stunning photographs that otherwise may have been thrown away.
  • Face focus tracking – This is great for moving subjects.
  • Focus peaking  – Great when it comes to fine tuning.
  • Focus magnification – Used with focus peaking, it’s an amazing feature.

That, in a nutshell, is why I went from Canon to Sony.

So what was the tipping point for me? Canon lenses. I can use Canon lenses on my Sony A7R2. That meant to me that I wasn’t required to buy a bunch of lenses right away before I could make the switch. With a simple adapter, my whole camera bag went from Canon to Sony almost overnight.

After using the Sony A7R2 for over a year now, I can still say that I’m as happy with it now as I was the first day I started taking pictures with it. So, did I sell my Canon camera equipment? Nope. I still have it and still use it on occasion. When I go to work though, I take my Sony A7R2. I also have the Sony A6300 and I absolutely love that camera for sports photography!

Jimmy Harmon is an award winning, published photographer using professional Sony photography equipment. From Senior Portraits and real estate photography to weddings and model shoots, contact Jimmy Harmon for your professional photography needs.

Although Jimmy is a Northwest Arkansas portrait photographer, he is available to travel anywhere within the United States.