Discover the beauty and diversity of America through “Fifty Stars United: An Ode to America.” An original patriotic poem from Jimmy Harmon celebrating the unique charm and character of each state united as one nation under the banner of freedom and unity.

In Alabama’s heart, Alaska’s wild embrace,
Arizona’s desert, and Arkansas’ warm face,
From California’s shores to Colorado’s peaks,
In Connecticut and Delaware, our nation speaks.

In Florida’s bright sun, and Georgia’s southern charm,
Hawaii’s island paradise, Idaho’s farms,
Illinois and Indiana, the heartland’s core,
Iowa’s rolling fields, and Kansas’ endless shore.

Kentucky’s bluegrass, Louisiana’s bayou,
Maine’s rocky coast, and Maryland’s sky so blue,
Massachusetts’ history, Michigan’s lakes,
Minnesota’s snow, and Mississippi’s grace.

In Missouri’s rivers, and Montana’s open skies,
Nebraska’s golden plains, and Nevada’s wild eyes,
New Hampshire’s mountains, New Jersey’s shore,
New Mexico’s vistas, and New York’s city roar.

North Carolina’s beauty, North Dakota’s plains,
Ohio’s industry, Oklahoma’s gains,
Oregon’s forests, Pennsylvania’s pride,
Rhode Island’s coast, South Carolina’s side.

South Dakota’s Badlands, Tennessee’s song,
Texas’ vast expanse, where we all belong,
Utah’s arches, Vermont’s green,
Virginia’s history, Washington’s serene.

West Virginia’s hills, Wisconsin’s fields,
Wyoming’s open range, where freedom yields,
Fifty stars united, from shore to shore,
A nation strong, a land we all adore.

In every state, a story we create,
Our shared legacy, our collective fate,
We stand as one, our voices raised,
As patriots in chorus, our country praised.