lung-cancerI ended up going to the doctor about three or four weeks ago. I told him all of my symptoms and he ordered bloodwork and an x-ray.

The test results came back pretty darn quick! The bottom line with my blood work is that I’m anemic. From what I’ve read online, it looks like I have an extreme iron deficiency. The x-ray shows what they think is pneumonia in my right lower lung. During the first doctor visit, I was given a couple of antibiotics.

During my second doctor visit, my blood levels seem to either stay the same or get a little worse. The x-ray showed no change at all. He gave me another antibiotic.

I didn’t really get a chance to see him on the third week. Our company had to go down to Austin and do a job. Thank God I have really good guys working for me!

My appointment was last Thursday. He didn’t order any blood work this time, but we did do an x-ray. Got my results back in a couple of hours but indicated there was absolutely no change. He told me he was going to schedule me for an emergency CT scan.

I won’t bore you with the details of the fiasco that took place before I got the CT scan. My wife and I ended up having to drive to Austin to pick up one of our company trucks. We spent the night and came back Saturday.

Wasn’t feeling very well on Saturday night, so she talked me into going to the emergency room.

I can honestly say we had the best possible people to look after me! The RN was awesome and the doctor was phenomenal! The CT tech was extremely comforting!

When the doctor finally came back in with the test results, she didn’t really hold anything back. She told me it was definitely cancer and she had absolutely no doubts about it. She said she was going to come up with a game plan for us and get it started immediately.

My body went into shock when she told us, but I sat there and listened to everything she had to say. My wife, Denise, said her whole body went cold.

When the doctor came back in, she said she was going to contact a particular oncologist who wouldn’t normally take patients without doing a PET scan. She said that once she spoke to someone over there, she told them that it was definitely cancer and wanted to see if they could start treatment without the PET scan. She told us they would contact us first thing Monday morning.

With a little more to do at the emergency room, Denise and I went home. Brittany, my youngest daughter, was the first one to be told. Denise may have told her sister through a text while we were at the emergency room.

Now it’s just a waiting game.

On a side note, I’d like to let you know exactly how stupid I really am… When Denise and I left the emergency room and went to my truck, the first thing I did was light up a cigarette.

The doctor tells me that most likely they will do a biopsy to see exactly what type of cancer it is.

I’ll post more as soon as I find out something. In the meantime, may God bless you always!