Breathing TestI had a scheduled doctor’s appointment with the oncologist on Tuesday. I got a call on Monday asking if it would be possible for me to go down to Fayetteville, Arkansas to perform a breathing test.

Denise and I have been hanging out doing pretty much nothing, so we got ready and drove down to Fayetteville.

The breathing test itself wasn’t horrible, but it does require you to put forth a lot of energy. Energy I just really don’t have at the moment.

The main reason for taking the breathing test is to make sure I can handle the biopsy that will be coming shortly. Apparently, they are going to go through my mouth in order to do the biopsy. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t sound very appealing, but I know it needs to be done.

A series of breathing in and out. The breathing out is the hard part. You have to blow out as hard as you can until there is absolutely nothing left to blow! It’s harder than you might think, especially when there’s the possibility of passing out.

I believe there were four different tests. The first two were done normally. The next two tests were done after breathing in from an inhaler. The goal is to see if you breathe better after the inhaler. I believe I did better after the inhaler.

After 45 minutes or so, Denise and I were on our way back home. At least I didn’t get poked and prodded!

Now we wait until tomorrow. That’s when we see the oncologist in Springdale, Arkansas.