Bella Vista FloodingThe Bella Vista flooding is probably the worst we’ve seen in almost a decade. We’ve seen Bella Vista Flooding before, but this time it seemed to go further up the hills, farther in its reach and cause more devastation than ever before.

This time I decided to head outside in the rain and capture the best aerial photography I could get. I knew that Bella Vista flooding of this caliber needed to be documented in the best possible way.

One of the first places I set off to photograph was the Veterans Memorial behind the new Mercy Hospital. For those of you who might not be familiar with the hospital, it also sits about 200 yards to the south of Cooper Elementary school.

Like I said before, I’ve seen Bella Vista Flooding before, but it actually shocked me when I saw what the Memorial looked like from my aerial photography. It was a lot more widespread than I originally imagined.

Then I headed over to the golf course off 71 Highway. It sits in between Dairy Queen and Highway 340.

As you can tell from the pictures below, the Bella Vista Flooding was enormous! Most of you are looking at the aerial photographs asking, “What golf course?” Trust me, there’s a golf course down there under that river!

I left the golf course and headed behind TH Rogers to check out the Lake Ann Spillway. As expected, it was flowing harder than I had ever seen it flow before. They made for some great waterfall pictures, but the water had to be going somewhere, and it certainly wasn’t good for the rest of Bella Vista.

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