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Photography Gallery

Here is my personal photography gallery. Please feel free to share on your social media sites, and be sure to let your friends and family know!

General Photography Gallery  Photography Gallery Hot Air Balloon Festival 01146

General Photography Gallery

My general photography  category is just that. It's general photography that I can't really place in any other category.While it may be called "General Photography", it may very well end up being the most popular page on my site by the time it's all said and done. There's absolutely no telling what you're going to find here.I've been known to take some pretty decent photographs with just an iPhone, so some of the posts you'll see labeled a...
Model Photography Gallery  Photography Gallery AlixColor

Model Photography Gallery

Model photography , sometimes called portraits or portraiture, is one of the unique types of photography as there are never two model photography shoots that are ever the same.There are so many things you can do with model photography, and even with an inexperienced model, you can create some beautiful artwork. The camera doesn't really care how much experience you have, it only cares about what's in front of it.It's always fun for me to...
Nature Photography Gallery  Photography Gallery Tanyard Creek Waterfall

Nature Photography Gallery

Nature photography is one of my favorites. From landscapes to waterfalls, nature photography can capture some of the most breathtaking moments you'll ever see.I try to take my camera everywhere I go. You never know when something's going to come along that makes your jaw drop wide open.Here are my latest nature photography shoots. Most of them are well planned out in advance, but some are pretty spur of the moment. Be sure to like our page...
Old Building Photo Gallery  Photography Gallery Old Buildings 8

Old Building Photo Gallery

Old building photography is catching on more now than ever. I've always been a huge fan of old buildings, old barns and old homes. There's something magical about seeing an old building that's been sitting for decades.Even though some of them are about to fall apart, there's a warm feeling that reminds me of old time past.Be sure to check back often. I've always got my camera, so there's no telling when I'll find a beautiful old building.Here ...
Photojournalism Gallery  Photography Gallery IMG 1368

Photojournalism Gallery

Photojournalism is a way for me to tell the stories of things I view as important. It may not be important to anyone else, but it's my story. It's my view on a particular subject. I tell the story the way I see it and not the way anyone else feels it should be told.My family and I have been on several missions trips throughout the United States. From hurricane Katrina to the tornado that destroyed part of Joplin, Missouri. We've been to the...
Portrait Photography Gallery  Photography Gallery Brittany and Dani 1

Portrait Photography Gallery

Portrait photography , or portraiture, is one of those unique types of photography. There are so many things you can do with portrait photography and so many ways it can be accomplished. It's not only fun for me, but it's fun for the models involved.Since people come in all different sizes, shapes and colors, it's easy for just about anyone to love taking portraits. Having two extremely beautiful daughters who just so happen to love being photographed ...
Senior Pictures Gallery  Photography Gallery DSC02199

Senior Pictures Gallery

Senior pictures are a bittersweet occasion for me. I know I'm not the one that's supposed to get all sentimental and all, but it's really hard not to once you contemplate the meaning behind senior pictures.The senior year in high school is usually filled with significant milestones. In preparing for the next stage in life, your senior year is the final phase of the beginning of a whole new you.For parents, senior pictures represent a whole...
Sports Photography Gallery  Photography Gallery Sports Photography PR HS Softball 3 17 2016 1

Sports Photography Gallery

I absolutely enjoy taking pictures of sporting events. Not just baseball or football, but any type of sport is a joy for me. I love sports that have a lot of action. The more action the better.Every time I photograph a sporting event, it feels as if my photography skills magnify themselves. While I can't be focused on every player all the time, I can certainly anticipate where I think the action might be.Take a look at my latest sports photographs...


Sony ProfessionalJimmy Harmon is a professional photographer based in Northwest Arkansas.

Jimmy Harmon is an award winning, published photographer using professional Sony photography equipment. From Senior Portraits and Real Estate Photography to Wedding Photography, Model Photography, Landscape Photography, Street Photography, Sports Photography and more. Be sure to look me up on Facebook.

Be sure to contact Jimmy Harmon for any and all of your professional photography needs. Based in Bella Vista, Arkansas, Jimmy is available to travel throughout the United States.

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