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Model Photography

Model Photography - Alixandra photography Jimmy Harmon Photography DSC00853 250x250

Jimmy loves to photograph models. If you’re wanting to become a model, Jimmy’s unique style of model photography can help get you noticed. Whether from Northwest Arkansas or Paris, a professional photographer is a must!
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Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures photography Jimmy Harmon Photography DSC06582 250x250

Jimmy is available to take your senior pictures all year long. Jimmy’s unique style with Seniors will have you looking for picture frames. Don’t settle for an indoor scene, A Professional Photographer is the right choice!
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Sports Photography

Sports Photography photography Jimmy Harmon Photography DSC07388 250x250

One of Jimmy’s most photographed theme is sports photography. We take our sports photography seriously in Northwest Arkansas! There’s nothing quite like capturing high speed action in a still photograph.
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Why Jimmy Harmon Photography?

  • The right equipment for the job
  • Unique perspective
  • Award winning professional photographer
  • Shoots any type of photography
  • He can work around your schedule
  • Can work any hours as needed
  • Customer focused
  • Professional and courteous
  • Proudly services Northwest Arkansas and beyond
  • Will travel anywhere in the United States
  • Jimmy gets it right!
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The Latest from Jimmy Harmon

  • The Gateway House The Gateway House The Gateway House IMG 2377 photography Jimmy Harmon Photography IMG 2377 200x160 c
    The Gateway House
    I love to photograph old buildings. When I travel around the country, it’s hard not stop every few miles because of some rustic...
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Jimmy Harmon tries his best not to have a specific type of photography label hanging over his head. Instead, he’s focused on getting the perfect image no matter what it is. He does what it takes to get the impossible shots! Contact Jimmy today and book now for your photography needs.

Jimmy Harmon Photography July 4, 2016


Sony ProfessionalJimmy Harmon is a professional photographer based in Northwest Arkansas.

Jimmy Harmon is an award winning, published photographer using professional Sony photography equipment. From Senior Portraits and Real Estate Photography to Wedding Photography, Model Photography, Landscape Photography, Street Photography, Sports Photography and more. Be sure to look me up on Facebook.

Be sure to contact Jimmy Harmon for any and all of your professional photography needs. Based in Bella Vista, Arkansas, Jimmy is available to travel throughout the United States.

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